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Do you need trip planning support?

A Solo Trip

Personalized itinerary creation based on preferences, budget, and interests.

Assistance with finding safe and budget-friendly accommodations.

Help with booking flights, trains, buses, and rental cars.

Assistance with selecting and purchasing travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances.

Provision of safety resources and travel app recommendations.

Recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and activities.

Trip support and assistance for any travel-related issues.

A Couple Trip

Consultation to discuss travel goals, preferences, and style.

Customized itinerary with accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Destination recommendations based on preferences and budget.

Unique experiences add romance to the trip.

Ongoing support with unexpected changes or emergencies.

Additional services like booking and insurance.

Comprehensive and stress-free trip planning.

Focus on creating unforgettable memories.

A Group Trip

Consultation to discuss group goals, preferences, and travel style.

Customized travel itinerary with accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Unique and exciting activity suggestions for the group.

Ongoing support throughout the trip, including emergency assistance.

Additional services for booking accommodations, flights, etc.

Comprehensive and customized approach to group trip planning.

Focus on creating a stress-free experience

Suitable for family reunions, friend getaways, or corporate retreats.

A Road Trip

Customized road trip planning for the EU and Schengen zone

Consultation to discuss goals, preferences, and practical information

Customized itinerary with suggested routes and stops

Destination recommendations based on interests and budget

Suggestions for unique activities and driving regulations

Ongoing support for unexpected changes or emergencies

Additional services like booking accommodations, transport, etc

Goal to create unforgettable road trip memories.

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