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Hi, I’m Madina, the founder and editor of the Trip Planner EU site. I am a gipsy nomad, constantly on the move for work, pleasure, and life purposes. Since childhood, I’ve been moving around a lot, initially due to family decisions, leading me to explore various countries and travel to numerous destinations with friends, family and solo.

As an experienced traveller who has visited many different places, I’ve become skilled at quickly adapting to new environments, understanding diverse mindsets, and viewing the world with open eyes. As a result, I have an insatiable desire to continue exploring new cultures and destinations.

Travelling to new places is a valuable opportunity to expand your perspective and change your view of life. As your guide, I want to share my experiences and offer valuable insights to support your journey to specific destinations. Let me help you plan your next adventure and maximise your travel experiences.

About Trip Planner EU

I have established the Trip Planner EU website as a comprehensive guide to tourism. Drawing on my international hospitality, tourism, and event management degree and extensive travel experience, I am committed to sharing valuable information on travel destinations, money-saving tips, and trip-planning strategies.

My website provides breaking news, articles, travel hacks, and many other resources to help travellers get the most out of their trips. However, I want to do this with others; I welcome input from my readers, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or new to the game. Please share your thoughts via the comments section or contact me directly to contribute your insights and suggestions on travel-related topics.

As a new project, I am continually working to improve and update the website with current information and resources. My writing style is focused on being engaging, informative, and easy to read, so you can quickly access the information you need to plan your next adventure. So join me on this journey and explore the world together.

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